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QUARTZ 9000 SN 5W-50

Synthetic technology multigrade oil for petrol engines

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Product description

• TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 SN 5W-50 is synthetic engine oil with special protective additives for ultimate level of engine protection that exceeds USA and European industry standards.
• TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 SN 5W-50 is recommended for all petrol engines (multi-valve and turbo types, with or without catalytic converter) and all diesel engines, turbo-charged or naturally aspirated in cars and light vans.
• TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 SN 5W-50 designed to provide protection under severe driving style or conditions.
• TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 SN 5W-50 is stability and endurance under extreme conditions (heat, load, speed) that can cause conventional oils to break down.